Friday, April 24, 2009

Council update

Hi all
As previously mentioned at various meetings, there is a discussion paper forthcoming around LIANZA's Governance structure (watch for it in the next couple of weeks).
Councillors have been asked to attend meetings in their region to discuss the proposal and gather feedback. At this stage these meetings would need to be sometime between mid-May and the end of May.
I am happy to come out to TIG-SIG and EastIn SIG for these meetings, and there will be a meeting in Palmerston North (details to follow).
Those in Taranaki and Hawkes Bay, please give some thought to possible dates and venues for later in May and let me know.

Also, the Remuneration Survey for 2008 was released sometime ago and I'd like to know if there is interest in having a presentation in Ikaroa on the Survey.

Don't forget to register your interest for the Vince Collins Display Workshops, currently proposed for Palmerston North and New Plymouth. See the LIANZA website for details.

Any questions? Please contact me.
Ikaroa Councillor

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