Tuesday, June 23, 2009

LIANZA Conference Update - Christchurch 2009

The LIANZA 2009 Conference Committee is very excited to offer one FREE registration to a first time LIANZA member. All you have to do is become a member - no Conference registration is required to enter the draw. The winner will be contacted in first week of August 2009.If you are already a LIANZA member this offer is not for you, however, it is a great opportunity for a non LIANZA colleague or friend to join up, come to conference AND have their registration paid for so spread the word. See the LIANZA Conference website for more details.

First announcements of Keynote Speakers

Claudia Lux
For the last two years Professor Claudia Lux, has held the position of Director General of the Foundation Central and Regional Library, Berlin, (the biggest Metropolitan Library in Germany). By the time Professor Lux speaks at the LIANZA Conference 2009 in October she will be the outgoing IFLA President with current "president-elect" Ellen Tise filling the role. The Conference Programme Sub-committee is excited to present someone of Claudia's knowledge and international standing to participate in this year's conference.

Sir Tipene O'Regan
Sir Tipene O'Regan is Assistant-Vice-Chancellor Maori at the University of Canterbury, Chairman of Ngā Pae o Te Maramatanga, the Centre for Maori Research Excellence at the University of Auckland and Upoko of the Awarua Runanga of Ngai Tahu. He has published and lectured extensively over many years on Ngai Tahu traditional history, Polynesian migration, Treaty issues and the evolution of biculturalism and the wider politics of Māoridom.
Hana O'Regan
Hana O'Regan was raised in Wellington in a family immersed in Māori Treaty and identity politics. She received her secondary schooling at Queen Victoria Māori Girls Boarding School in Auckland before becoming an American Field Scholar in Thailand for one year. Hana returned to pursue an undergraduate degree with a double major in Māori Studies and Political Sciences at Victoria University of Wellington.
Hana has been a member of The Māori Language Commission - Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori - since 2003. The bulk of Hana's recent publications has been centred on Kāi Tahu tribal stories and histories for rakatahi, and most recently published an anthology of Māori poetry, Kupu with co-author Charisma Rangipunga.

Richard Stallman
Twenty-five years ago he launched the GNU operating system. GNU is free software: everyone has the freedom to copy it and redistribute it, as well as to make changes either large or small. The GNU/Linux system, basically the GNU operating system with Linux added, is used on tens of millions of computers today. Stallman pioneered the concept of copyleft, and is the main author of the GNU General Public License, the most widely used free software license.

Jessica Dorr - Program Officer, Global Libraries
Jessica Dorr's work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation began in 1997, as a technology trainer for West Seattle Learns, a community technology centre. She currently oversees grants to Mexico, Latvia, and Lithuania and supports the foundations' annual Access to Learning Award. Jessica has experience with both school and academic libraries and holds a BA from Georgetown University and an MLIS from the University of Washington.

Conference Blog
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Sue Thompson (Conference Committee)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Governance discussion

We had a really good session in Hastings last night, great numbers (Go East-In SIG!) and lively discussion. Although based around the LIANZA papers this was a wide ranging discussion around what LIANZA could do better, how to engage the membership and encourage younger people both into the profession and to join LIANZA.

I left you all with a question to consider:
What could LIANZA stop doing in order to move forward on the things you want us to do?

Post your answers as comments, anonymous is fine but if you feel like signing it that would be great to!

(Ikaroa Councillor)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hydestor Awards


· Looking to further develop the team dynamics in your library?

· Are you new to the libraries network and are wondering what LIANZA is all about?

· Would a grant of $750 incl GST, per LIANZA region, help further your Professional development?

Hydestor Shelving Systems are proud to sponsor a professional development award to LIANZA members. Its primary purpose is to assist LIANZA members to undertake various forms of professional development in the field of library management and operation. This annual award set at $4,500 inclusive of GST is divided equally over the six NZ regions.

Previously, Hydestor Manufacturing Ltd has sponsored hard copy newsletters for various regions of LIANZA and with these newsletters becoming electronic; it was proposed that the sponsorship be continued in a new format such as this Professional Development Award. This award is not limited to any specific activity and members should be encouraged to apply for assistance for any activity that will develop and enhance their professional skills. The applications and recipients of the award are to be administered by each regional chairperson and committee.

Hydestor Shelving Systems specialise in the design & manufacture of adjustable steel library shelving & resource storage systems for libraries through out NZ & Australia. We are proud to be a NZ manufacturer and look forward to our continuing service to the libraries network.

Check out our Photo gallery and current libraries newsletter

Applications close 31st JULY


The award shall be made according to the following criteria:

Applicant must be a current LIANZA member

Applicant must complete the application form and state the Continuing Professional Development event, activity or purpose for which they are applying for the Hydestor Professional Development Award.

The applicant must state in their application how the award will develop or enhance their professional skills


The application form is available online at the LIANZA website or from me.

Please send all applications to me, Michael Parry, by July 31st

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Petition on pay equity

Hi all
You may like to circulate this in your workplace.
Heather Lamond