Tuesday, May 12, 2009

LIANZA Council discussion papers

Hi all

Here are the links to these papers, one on LIANZA Governance, and one on LIANZA Institutional Membership


Each of the papers has a series of questions for you to consider and to which you may wish to contribute feedback. We will be running a survey from the Monday 8th June to Tuesday 6th July using Survey Monkey and you will be sent the link to this survey on the 8th June.

In the meantime I am planning for a series of meetings in the Region to discuss these proposals, so keep an eye out for the notices about the dates of meetings in your area.

Once you have read the papers we would encourage you to attend your regional meeting for discussion and clarification of the proposals. We would appreciate any formal feedback you have on the proposals to be expressed using the survey to enable us to manage and analyse the responses.

Of course, feel free to comment here on the blog, or email to NZ-Libs listserv.

Kind regards
Ikaroa Councillor

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