Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fizz! Bang! Pop! - South Taranaki District Libraries

It all went off with a Bang in South Taranaki.

Kids who wanted to have fun in South Taranaki during the April school holidays headed for the South Taranaki District Libraries where ‘everything was going off with a bang!’

But with the theme Fizz! Bang! Pop! what else would you expect? New Zealand award -inning children’s author Des Hunt was in town encouraging the children to ‘Have fun with science- doing crazy experiments’. At his workshops the children made elephant toothpaste, test tube rainbows, created incredibly loud explosions with nail polish remover and film canisters and learnt how to melt steel effectively. All the experiments were designed to excite the children about science – and it worked! Also on board for the holidays was Bright Sparks educator, Andrew Hornblow. Children attending these electronic workshops enjoyed making circuit boards and LED lights to take home.

Other crazy experiments included making ginormous bubbles. First the children had to construct their bubble loop, and then make the mixture. All the activities were a lot of fun, the libraries bubbled with excitement throughout the two week holiday period and preparation for staff was minimal- which is always a bonus! This was a great way to link the science books in the library with hands on activities and hopefully leaves this generation with the feeling that libraries are a great place to be.

Funding was provided through local sponsorship and carries on the local theme of children having fun with science.

Pam Jones
District Children’s Librarian
South Taranaki

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