Thursday, June 11, 2009

Governance discussion

We had a really good session in Hastings last night, great numbers (Go East-In SIG!) and lively discussion. Although based around the LIANZA papers this was a wide ranging discussion around what LIANZA could do better, how to engage the membership and encourage younger people both into the profession and to join LIANZA.

I left you all with a question to consider:
What could LIANZA stop doing in order to move forward on the things you want us to do?

Post your answers as comments, anonymous is fine but if you feel like signing it that would be great to!

(Ikaroa Councillor)


  1. Last night's session was great - thanks for making the time to come Heather :)
    One of the key challenges with the proposal for both National Council AND local members is communication. Communication between Council and grassroots membership has already been identified as an issue (though I don't totally agree that it is as big an issue as it has been in the past) with a Council of thirteen members. If LIANZA Council reduces to 8, then how likely is it that this will improve? It will be more important than ever for SIGs and "local regional" groups to be active. That's a challenge and a responsibility for both Council and membership to address in equal measure.
    But overall, I think Council is headed in the right direction - we should be letting Council concentrate on the big picture issues.

  2. Communication is a key concern members have left because of this. Members need to feel valued and welcome. My concern is with the number of Councillor sbeing reduced is will our "voice" and individuals be lost? Will this put more pressure on SIG's to make members voice be heard?
    However one of the key features of the proposal sound promising "...Establishment of an advisory forum to National Council, comprising chairs and convenors of SIGs, regions, committees, taskforces..." Keep up the good work LIANZA.