Friday, May 28, 2010

Kimbolton Library

It was a chilly night in the small village of Kimbolton, but warm inside this historic library (especially with lots of bodies in a small space!)

The building is one of the few remaining two room cottages in the area that are in their original format. We had an entertaining and interesting introduction to the history of the building and the library from Simon Johnson (Feilding Library).

The library was the focus of a "problem solving" project for a small group of primary school children in 2009 and several of the children were present to tell us about the project. They fundraised to renovate the library and grounds.

This group of children (and some dedicated parents and teachers) won the National Junior Award for Community Problem Solving. From there, they entered the International competition, and flew to Michigan to compete with school children from all around the world. They raised a total of $58000.00 to get there and enter. The highlight was that they won the International Award for Community Problem-solving and came home victorious.
Apparently the trophy had to fly home first class as it needed its own seat!
This is a fantastic achievement from a small community and school (the roll is 60) with a population of 1000 in Kimbolton.

The library visit was followed up by a lovely meal at Hansen's cafe in Kimbolton with a roaring open fire :-)

Thanks to Fiona Donald for the photos.


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  1. Great photos Fiona - which capture the spirit of the evening very well.
    It was most enjoyable - despite the cold!